Simple Elements, Unique Objects.

Found in 2020 by designer Kazumi Takahashi in collaboration with Thai architect Sujin Osatarayakul.
Our mission is to create products that reflect the brand's dedication to modern lifestyle, Bauhaus, and Japanese Origami.
Transcending trends, we aim to deliver quality and unique goods at fair prices. Our product is made to last, in terms of durability and style.


Recycled from leftover material, these small pieces of circle module are hand-sewn in triangle-fold technique
creating a unique floral pattern.


Sowsaq' - A Japanese word comprised of characters 創(Sow - Imagination) and 作(Saq –Creation).
The Sowsaq series is a playful production kit made from one piece of material that combined technique of Origami- traditional paper folding, and Kumiki - interlocking details of Japanese wooden architecture. 
This is an environmentally-friendly product as it does not have any sewing or seams, minimizing power consumption and waste material during the production process.


A mix of contemporary and experimental product series made for a hip archetype lifestyle, calling on the forms of Bauhaus for inspiration. We endeavor to re-interpret the spirit and functionality of these honest forms of designs for a modern customer.

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